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We create communications and experiences that ignite business growth with Brand Purpose at the core.

Graphio Creative Studio

We are a full-service creative agency based in Chiang Mai delivering digital solutions that spark conversations, create amazing experiences, and harness the transformative power of design.

Our Services

We've built our team, structured our studio, and developed our processes to support a broad, full-service creative offering. It's an offering that's purpose-built for the fast-paced environment our clients compete within.

Video Production

We produce a variety of video content, all in-house. This means we have the highest quality of gear, ideas, and the knowledge to cater for small to medium production shoots. From explainers to beautiful narrative-driven storytelling and everything in between, whatever story we tell, we make it meaningful.

Web Development

Do it once by doing it right. A solid, well-planned, and well-executed website can set you apart from your competition. We prioritize outcomes that exceed in both design and functionality, giving your customers the best user experience and increasing conversion.

Graphic/Motion Design

Whether you’re after game-changing creative, high-end motion design, or simply a fresh simplified look, our team of designers will make your business memorable.

Web Development

Make your website shine

Our user-centric approach to research, UX definition, design, technical build, and content generation delivers experiences that engage customers and drive long-term solutions.

A Digital Agency

Graphio is a full-service digital advertising agency, specializing in the education industry. We transform creativity into growth. We leverage digital technology to maximize market reach and impact. Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we help businesses and educational organizations to stand tall, make waves, and move forward through the power of digital media.


A digital agency implements focused and integrated digital media solutions for marketing and advertising purposes. When the right strategy is combined with a digital-first approach, you can achieve sustainable business value and maximum branding impact. From design and development to media and content integration, a digital agency promotes value through the power of technology.

A modern digital advertising agency delivers brand value by focusing on digital media and communications. There are many ways to reach out and engage your market through digital media, including social media, digital productions, and online content delivery. A digital agency creates valuable content in order to target, engage, and deliver business value.

Digital technology continues to drive every aspect of human culture. Digital marketing agencies work exclusively with digital tools to reach a large and motivated audience. Digital media is popular, relevant, and powerful from a marketing perspective. The services delivered by a digital agency are capable of attracting new customers and improving marketing and sales efficiency in existing markets.

At Graphio, we believe in complete integration between creative and technical pursuits. The world of online marketing depends on a balanced approach. Our team represents the very best in creative talent and technical expertise. From design and photography to digital production and coding, we create inspiring media and apply it with precision to meet the needs of the market.


Bridging insights with unhindered imagination, our creative team collaborates to build effective campaigns that are singular, exquisite, and dynamic. We build functional and customizable experiences that not only surprise and delight users across all platforms but also work to build stronger relationships between brand and customer. The ideas we create are purposeful and specific, working to support your brand vision and generate an emotional response from your customer.



With a fully-fledged in-house production studio we can help produce a range of digital assets for your brand. Our digital production services produce everything from display media to larger content pieces and web platforms and useful digital resources for web and mobile design, social media, and more. We create beautiful seamless content from creation through to production, post-production, and editing.


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