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The third and final part of the Inclusive City series is a candid Q&A style video featuring the disabled community and their views on public spaces and accessibility.

The second video in the three-part Inclusive City series is an explainer video presented by the students of Chiang Mai Demonstrational School.

The first part of the Inclusive City series is a scripted short film of the “Green Power Gangster” student group on a mission to help solve the food shortage problem in Chiang Mai.

A video about Kru Bella, a Go With Goodwill volunteer, on a mission to help reduce the Doi Suthep forest fires.

A video about the decade long struggles of the communities along the Mae Kha Canal. The video highlights the main contributors to the waste management problem, why it has been neglected, and the visions the community has.

A motivational video of a wheelchair-bound disabled student sharing her thoughts on the country’s lack of accessibility for the elderly, children, and disabled.

Filmed in the beautiful and secluded Mae Wang Waterfall in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This video has a strong focus on nature footage and carries a motivational undertone throughout. The keyword for this video is “self-reliance”.

This project required extra post production, editing, and censoring because of the sensitive subject matter and concern for privacy. It was a challenge for the team find a way to keep the student’s anonymity intact without losing the viewer’s attention during the storyboarding stage.