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The third and final part of the Inclusive City series is a candid Q&A style video featuring the disabled community and their views on public spaces and accessibility.

The second video in the three-part Inclusive City series is an explainer video presented by the students of Chiang Mai Demonstrational School.

The first part of the Inclusive City series is a scripted short film of the “Green Power Gangster” student group on a mission to help solve the food shortage problem in Chiang Mai.

Feel Nimman Boutique is one of the oldest clients of Graphio requested us to create a modern visual website. We built it with minimal design principals but functionality-wise, we added channel manager features that syncs real time availability with the hotel’s own management system. As hotel’s main source of reservation is Facebook, we integrated a direct facebook chat widget in the main page which customers can directly contact the hotel in real time through facebook messenger.

A series of university-level course supplements used on a national scale. This is one of Graphio’s largest projects to date with just over 1,000 hours worth of footage recorded and edited.

A promotional video created to showcase CHUR’s signature product. The client’s wanted to highlight the churro making process in this project. Having a younger generation clientele, we knew that the final video had to be trendy, visual, and dynamic. This project required extensive storyboarding and planning in order to get the right shots.

A set of 2 promotional videos created to reintroduce WeCayla’s signature product to a new target audience. The client wanted to expand their market as well as elevate their brand positioning.